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Today, I am kicking off a new series that I am calling Just Sayin’ in which I will cover various random topics that come up in the PR world and provide my personal thoughts on them.  Call it my soapbox or rant—or just some friendly advice… I will cover two topics in today’s post:


It is really quite simple.  You are responsible for doing your job well.  If you do perform well, you should be personally fulfilled and may even be praised by your boss.  However, if you mess up, you need to own up to your mistakes and be accountable for what happened.  I have seen it happen all too often where people point fingers, assign blame, make excuses, or blatantly throw others under the bus when something goes wrong.  (Usually the same people who take all the credit for the big wins.)  Most of the time, all your boss or client is looking for is ownership of the mistake, an explanation (not an excuse), an apology, and assurance that you recognized the mistake and will do everything in your power to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  So, simply put, mess up, own up.  It makes the problem go away much quicker and is the more mature route to take. 

Just sayin… 


This may seem like a given to most, but I was speaking to a very high profile editor who told me a story about a recent exchange with a publicist that made my jaw drop.  The publicist was yelling at her and was quite insulting and threatening as well, and I couldn’t believe that this person didn’t know any better.  First of all, you just don’t speak to the press disrespectfully—and trust me, there have been many days when I wish I could have put someone in his/her place, but you just can’t.  Secondly, I was shocked that anyone would speak to this particular editor so disrespectfully.  Overall, you are just a complete idiot if you think you can get away with screaming at the press.  You need them.  You will represent not only yourself in the most negative way, but your brand and client(s) as well.  And it will come back to bite you in the ass.  This is a small industry, so be nice.  Assert yourself when necessary, but don’t be aggressive, and never burn bridges.

Just sayin…

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