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When I first started this blog, I stumbled upon PR Couture and fell in love with the content on this site. Insightful and resourceful, this incredible fashion PR blog was founded by Crosby Noricks, Fashion PR and Marketing expert. Full of breaking news, fashion events, interviews, job opps, and great articles, I am constantly referencing or linking to Crosby’s site because the content is just SO good. So, I reached out to her to see if the Closet could get some Couture, and she so kindly agreed to share her expertise with all of you. Meet Crosby…

Name: Crosby Noricks

Age: 32

Position/Company: Founder, PR Couture; Director of Social Media, Red Door Interactive

Where did you go to school? Pitzer College for undergrad, grad school at SDSU

What was your major? Undergrad: Media Studies & Gender/Feminist Studies;  Grad: Communications

First internship?

First job? Marketing Communications Associate,

Favorite part of your job? The people I work with.

Least favorite part of your job? The fact that for me, job is really jobs, so I often feel pulled in 100 different directions. Most of the time that it is me pulling myself. I can be rather demanding.

Favorite brands (brands you think are launching great PR campaigns)? I really appreciate brands who aren’t afraid to test the waters of a new social platform, who are exploratory and agile. To that end, I love how Land’s End Canvas jumped on Pinterest, how Rebecca Minkoff used Instagram to crowd source ad photography, and how ModCloth has integrated video, buyer chats and even books into their strategy. However, more than great PR campaigns, what impresses me lately are great concepts driven by storytelling. For me, those are brands like Of a Kind, Maiyet, Tallulah & Hope, AHA Life, LVMH, and Alice & Olivia.

Biggest accomplishment so far in your career? Releasing my book, Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR

Biggest lesson learned to date in your career? It’s never just going to be one career.

Who were/are your mentors? I didn’t really have any when I was getting started and I still don’t have any that would know me by name. But I have learned to ask for help from those who know more about things than I do, and many of my friends provide the sort of inspiration and support I think a mentor would provide. Beyond that, I am inspired by women who have figured out how to live creative, authentic, seemingly charmed lives while making a difference in their local communities or the world at large.

Best work advice? Put it in perspective. 

As a publicist, you can’t live without your… phone, obviously. But, I really appreciate how it helps me stay connected to friends, family and PR Couture’s social media community no matter where I am.  That helps keep me sane.

In order to succeed in PR, you… have to be at least 10 steps ahead, on everything, all the time.

If you weren’t a publicist, you’d be… I think it would be fun to be the person who chooses the music for all those silly, addictive CW teen dramas. If not that, I’d probably be telling people’s stories somehow - whether through words, film, wardrobe or art.

Crosby Noricks is the founder of PR Couture. Follow her on Twitter @pr_couture, visit her site at, or send her an e-mail at


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